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If you are willing to experience a Tango Night in a sophisticated and authentic place, I offer you a list of my favourite ones and its details.
If you are not sure which to pick, please write to me, I will help you to decide according to your personality and preferences.

I will be happy to make your reservations and offer you a good discount. Please note the prices I detail below already include this discount, just for you!


NOTE: All prices of dinner and tango shows include regular transfers in and out, menu a la carte, very good wine, beer and several drinks. For Rojo Tango,  and Carlos Gardel VIP the transfer is private. The option “only show” offers just drinks (wine, beer, or various) and transfer, regular or private according to your choice.

El Querandí

Located in the historical District of San Telmo, El Querandí offers one of the most traditional and authentic shows in town. Founded like bar in 1920 on big rambling house of 1867. Since it was restored in 1992, every night it offers a tango show, unique due to irs characteristics; dancers changing dresses and with different stiles of dance, go through the history of tango, since its origin to the present. Dinner is “a la carte” and highly recommended, the place is elegant and welcoming, holds not more than 200 people and all the tables are individual. This creates an intimate atmosphere and the show can be very well seen from every angle of the hall.

Dinner and tango show


Only show


Esquina Carlos Gardel

This is a luxury place situated in the heart of the district Abasto, where prodigious Carlos Gardel spent his childhood. Built in the same lot of an old famous Hotel/Restaurante which was started to be erected in 1893, this refined hall today recreates an imaginary of a theatre of the `30s. With an exquisite decoration, combined with excellent service, it offers an unmissable 90 minutes show, 22 people on stage, high level and proffesional artists, and a tecnology of last generation. As every theatre, it provides optional locations: Standard-Executive-VIP. (specially recommended for couples and glamour lovers)

Dinner and show standard


Dinner and show executive


Individual table on the ground floor. Service and special menu. Regular transfer

VIP dinner and show


Individual table on the upper floor. Service and special menu. Private transfer

Only standard show


Only VIP show


Gala Tango

This refined and intimate place has the singularity of combining tango show with folklore of high level and elegance. Situated in one of the most beautiful areas of San Telmo district, in an old restored building of French arquitecture and a very distinguished decoration, every night GALA offers a touching and proffesional show, with a typical orchestra conformed by a quintet (piano, large accordeon, creole guitar, violin and contrabass) accompanied by two tango singers, eight dancers, and combined with a charanguista and dazzling show of Malambo (dance with boleadoras). You can also take a tango lesson before dinner with proffesional tango dancers!

Dinner and show


Only show


Rojo Tango

This is the most sexy, provocative and exclusive tango show in town. It is located in Faena Hotel, designed by Phillip Stark, representing a nightclub of Buenos Aires of the 1900´s, with limited capacity, allows public to experience tango in an intimate way, very close to dancers, singers and musicians. The avant-garde show is extremely professional. High quality food, refined wines, and the best Champagne. Recommended for very stylish people!

Dinner and show


Only show


Esquina Homero Manzi

Situated in one of the most famous corners of Buenos Aires, this emblematical café built in 1927 is full of history and its location inspired “Sur”, one of the most popular tangos written by the poet and composer Homero Manzi, and was the meeting point of great personalities of Argentinian culture through the 20th Century. Nowadays, every night visitors can enjoy a traditional tango show in an authentic place combining poetry, confort and elegance.

Dinner and show


Only show


Café de los Angelitos

This historical café, named after a famous tango song, is a journey in time. Since it was born, more than a 100 years ago, popular and canonical artists have gone through it, from payadors to famous singers such as Carlos Gardel. Today, every night is lively with music and good food; the show is composed of 21 artists, seven dancing couples, two singers and a quintet, and everything takes place in a warm, authentic and deeply “porteño” place.

Dinner and show


Only show