Buenos Aires after sunset: a city with endless nightlife

EIGHT HOURS, from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.

We propose you to have an unconventional evening in Buenos Aires, a city well known for its endless, brilliant nightlife. We will start by visiting the Costanera Sur (Southern riverside path), where porteños, till the sixties, enjoyed bathing in the Río de la Plata during the summers. Nowadays it is a popular area, where we will taste a choripan or a bondiola pan in the typical carritos (food stands), while having a look at artist Lola Mora’s group of sculptures, once shocking due to its expressive nudes. Next, we will drive across May Avenue, the artery that connects May Square and the Pink House with the National Congress building. On the way, we will cross impressive Ninth of July Avenue (the widest in the world), and walk along Corrientes Street, an avenue considered by many porteños the heart of the city, where bookstores and music shops remain open till 2 or 3 a.m. Corrientes is also well known for its theaters, pizzerias and bohemian bars and restaurants. Why, then, not to have dinner in one of these traditional places? After dinner, we have to decide on one of the three following options:


Spend the next hours in a milonga, where locals meet to dance tango and time seems not to have ever passed. If you still want to experience the “porteño way of being”, we can end the night in a non touristic bar where locals drink and sing tango until daylight.


See a folkloric show in a well known peña. When the professional musicians leave, locals start their own party. Gathered in different tables, they play various instruments and sing folkloric songs mixed with never ending red wine until daylight.

Modern music

Have dinner or some drink in an exclusive resto-bar. Later, we can go dancing to the most exiting disco in the city.