Historical Buenos Aires


I invite you to start understanding the past and present of Buenos Aires through a stroll over its main historical centres. Starting in picturesque La Boca district, famous for Tango and Football, and its´colourful Caminito, we will go through the corners traced by Italian inmigrants visiting their rusty tenement houses known as “conventillos” and the old port. Then, we will visit old San Telmo and walk along its narrow cobble-stoned streets, which used to be beds of streams that connected to the mystical Rio de la Plata. This stop will include the Ezeiza Palace, antique stores, and the indoor Market of San Telmo, unique in town. In Plaza de Mayo, the country’s political heart, we will review the principal issues of Argentinean history and get inside the Metropolitan Cathedral to see the outstanding Mausoleum of our Liberator General José de San Martín. Finally, we will walk along Recoleta neighbourhood, well known for its French architecture, its beautiful museums, its wide green areas and, most of all, its worldwide famous graveyard: Recoleta cemetery. Place of the last rest for the rich and the famous, Evita Perón among them, this cemetery (third in importance in the world) is also considered a piece of art itself, due to the great variety of architectural styles of its richly ornamented mausolea and crypts.