Never again: Argentina in the seventies


This tour will give you some clues about the genocide that devastated the country during the 1970s, taking the lives of close to 30,000 people. We will explore this period visiting some of its most significant landmarks. To start with, will visit the Plaza de Mayo (May Square), political hub of the country, and the place where many people first heard of the atrocities of the military government through the pacific demonstrations of the mothers of the desaparecidos, soon after called Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Mothers of May Square). A few blocks away, we will visit one of the hidden mass graves dug by the military, close to an illegal detention center where kidnapped political activists were interrogated, tortured, and eventually “vanished”. We will also see the biggest and most feared detention center, the ESMA. Recently transformed into the Museum of Memory, the space invites to ponder on State terrorism and the struggle for democracy. Through pictures, archive videos and written testimonies, we will dig deeper, to unravel some of the causes that led to the dictatorship and the silent genocide of political dissidents. Nevertheless, a tour focused on this period cannot end not seeing the present effort for human and social rights that have come out during and after the last dictatorship: the University of Madres de Plaza de Mayo, their Human Rights Organization and their social projects.